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John is an American born Illustrator who could always draw.  He spent hours on end with his headphones on drawing whatever came to mind.  At a young age he specialized in Pen & Ink over pencil sketches mostly.  As he got older his work progressed into his love for Children's book art. Now his passion is creating emotionally striking illustrations and kid friendly artwork hoping one day to illustrate some of the original stories his Dad used to tell him before bed.


John holds an Associates degree in Graphic Design from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and has taken over a dozen online classes through the Society of Visual Storytelling which range from Mastering Perspective to Character creation to disciplines in Creating great composition and images for Children's books. He gives much thanks to the teachers he has who he also considers his mentors.  The likes of Will Terry, Jake Parker and Aaron Blaise.  


John can wear many hats when it comes to his artwork.  He ranges from comic/cartoon work, inking, story boarding, Character development, Children's artwork, and would love to get into concept art and backgrounds.  He always considers himself a student, always learning to perfect the skills he was born with.


He's currently a self published artist who completed two full length Children's Book's called "Randy the Raccoon and His Musical Adventures - Fireworks in the Night" which can be purchased on Barnes & Noble and Amazon and recently released "Second-Chance Sam" about a scruffy old shelter dog who learns that life isn't always as it seems. He also does a weekly cartoon blog for a well known and highly published author and business Consultant, Alan Weiss called "The Adventures of Koufax and Buddy Beagle" based off real life dogs owned by the writer/author. In the interim John works on personal projects to work out his drawing muscles.

When he isn't drawing and creating he is a family man who is happily married to his wife of 12 years.  They have a great Dog named Sasha and are on a mission to adopt their first child.  John is an avid Air soft player, enjoys disc golf and spends quiet time reading.


Jump, Jam n' Jive Publishing

Sherry L. MIller Music Studios

Alan Weiss - Contrarian Consulting

Dogs & Books Publishing

JoAnn Sky, Author


Illustrated self-published Children's picture book called "Fireworks in the Night" from the Randy the Raccoon and His Musical Adventures Series.


Current Cartoonist for published author and Business Consultant Alan Weiss doing a weekly blog cartoon called "The Adventures of Koufax and Buddy Beagle" based on Alan's actual dogs.


Illustrated self-published Children's Picture Book called "Second Chance Sam - King of the Junkyard" written by the Award Winning author JoAnn Sky and Dogs & Books Publishing.


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